Brand development

Francis Antony
Brand development for a family-run print specialist. Francis Antony was originally established in 1946 by Leonard Hibbs, specifically to print a range of jazz music publications. Hibbs became a key figure in the UK jazz music scene of the mid-20th century, and this rich heritage now plays a vital part in the reinvigorated brand.

Signature stamp and logotype

Signature stamp

Signature stamp and logotype variants

Reference material

Historical reference material


Printed stationery

Printed stationery

Test sheets

Printed test sheets

Printed test sheets

Promotional mailer

Printed mailer on-press

Printed mailers awaiting spot varnish

Duke Ellington enjoys a breather

Cleaning the press

Custom-mixing the spot varnish

Promotional mailer packs

Mailer pack and poster inserts

Mailer posters: Duke Ellington and Anona Winn

Mailer posters: Billie Holiday and Benny Goodman

Mailer posters, fronts

Mailer posters, backs

Detail of spot varnish


Illustrated jazz musician portraits by Andy Ward.
All print by Francis Antony.

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