Can natural materials put on a show?

Henry Swanzy
Design and planning of Henry Swanzy’s exhibition stand for the 2014 Clerkenwell Design Week, London. Working in close partnership with the client, we devised a series of visually-levitating plinths to promote the beauty of the indigenous, natural materials found in the furniture pieces themselves.

“The emphasis on quality, precision and ‘truth to material’ resonates throughout everything this company does. Look, even the Henry Swanzy CDW stand oozes care, consideration and expert craftsmanship!” Lighting and Interiors Online

Clerkenwell Design Week 2014 stand

Exhibition stand

Exhibition stand

Exhibition stand

Detail of Pollyfox

Exhibition stand

Stand details

Pollyfox plinth filled with oak shavings

Bareppa plinth filled with hazel coppice rods


Exhibition stand built in-house by Henry Swanzy Ltd.
Photographed by Peter Guenzel.

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